Grand Cru Mandelberg

MANDELBERG, an exceptional “terroir”. The “côte des Amandiers” is a hill that protects the village of Mittelwihr from the cold northerly winds. The southern side of the hill, exposed south-south-east, enjoys optimal sunshine and grows grapes for the “grand cru Mandelberg”. The soil is marly-chalk.

The vineyards stand alongside almond trees which have given their name to the hill. Cultivated since Gallo-Roman times then under the Frankish lords, Mandelberg, like the Mittelwihr vineyards, became the medieval property of the abbeys of St Dié Ebersmunster, Murbach… Mandelberg is a name that has featured on Alsace bottles since 1925.

Grand Cru Sonnenglanz

An exceptional “terroir”. Located at Beblenheim, the vineyards of Sonnenglanz are exposed south-east, between 220 and 270 metres in altitude.

Sonnenglanz grows in brown, chalky, rather heavy and very stony soil. It benefits from a very favourable micro-climate with very low rainfall. The privileged grape varieties are mainly Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. Sonnenglanz has enjoyed a considerable reputation since the last century.