The family Greiner wine grower since 1663 when Philippe Greiner established in Mittelwihr. In 1962, Pierre Greiner formed a partnership with Jacques Schleret to create the Domaine GREINER SCHLERET. They developed sales of bottled wine.

In 1979, Guy joined his father and, the following year, took over the vineyards of a deceased uncle. This considerably extended the Domaine which took its current form.

To diversify the “terroirs”, our vineyards stretch through Mittelwhir, Bennwihr, Beblenheim, Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé, Zellenberg and allow us to offer the complete range of Alsace wines.

The genealogical tree is as follows:
- Philippe 1615
- Johan Philippe 1663
- Johan Philippe 1718
- Jean 1782
- Jean Michel 1848
- Georges René 1899
- Greiner Pierre Partnership with
  Schleret Jacques 1962
- Greiner Guy Partnership with
Greiner Pierre 1980

- Greiner Jacques